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Thu Oct 27, 2016, 12:29 AM by zerudez:iconzerudez:
Welcome to 5 Days of Fakemon: Halloween Edition, where I submit a Fakemon a day for five days! In this edition, the theme is obviously relating to Halloween 🎃 so this means the Fakemon updates are gonna be spooky and frightening.

Day 1: Ghoulotine and its evolution, Guilloceive!
Day 2: Purswayer and its pre-evolution, Ferobite!
Day 3: Updated Vexigon, Noxareo, and Darcastro!
Day 4: Ghost warriors Malakel'e and Kahukel'e!
Day 5: Zedakazm unleashed!

With its Strong Jaw ability, it will surely leave a mark on your foe with its powerful, painful bite.

Day 1

Ghoulotine & Guilloceive
First off we have Ghoulotine, the Chomping Pokémon. It is a pure Ghost-type. Ghoulotine's strong biting power can tear through flesh with its razor sharp teeth. Urban legends talk of a begrudging man who cursed a mirror to seek vengeance on two-faced people. More info »

Next is Guilloceive, the Guillotine Pokémon. It has gained the Steel-type upon evolution. According to myth, it was a cursed mirror which its master ordered to seek vengeance on people hiding behind a fake personality. Guilloceive has the ability to see one's true self. Looking into it is said to reflect the true inner self of an individual, and if that individual is hiding behind a lie, Guilloceive will curse them with bad luck. More info »

Day 2

Ferobite & Purswayer
Here's Ferobite, the pre-evolution to my newly updated Purswayer. At a very young age, Ferobite begin to gnaw on almost anything they see. They chase down their prey and bite onto them tightly, not wanting to let go. They like to hunt alongside their parents as they learn how to hunt. More info »

Purswayer are very skilled hunters. They teach their young at a very young age how to hunt down their prey. A pack hunting together won't stop until their prey tires out from running. A glare from a Purswayer is said to mess with one's judgment, and cause prey to submit to it. More info »

During full moons, a huge pack of Purswayer and their young go scavenging around for food, even in towns and cities. They then gather the food to their home and have a huge feast.

Darcastro and its pre-evolutions have the Hidden Ability Deviate, which turns its Normal-type moves into Dark-type moves.

Day 3

Darcastro, Noxareo, & Vexigon
Darcastro soar across the land, compelling local Pokemon to rampage around. Sightings of them are immediately followed with city-wide warnings. In Havai, they are seen as superiors to all Dragon-type Pokémon. It is very difficult to gain trust and loyalty from Darcastro. They do not like taking orders from anyone and rather do things their own way. Once trust is gained, they can be the most loyal partner to a Trainer. More info »


Vexigon can be quite a handful for Trainers. They like causing ruckus and disobeying commands. These stubborn Pokémon can go hours or even days of causing trouble. More info »

Noxareo enjoy causing ruckus for their own amusement. These troublesome Pokémon are known for causing damage with their reckless behavior. Studies show that its recklessness pumps itself up with energy and gets other Noxareo pumped up. However, they get too carried away and end up causing tremendous damage. More info »

Day 4

Malakel'e & Kahukel'e
According to old Havaian legend, these Pokémon represented the spirits of fallen warriors. On rare occasions, they are seen marching along certain paths, walking along until reaching a sacred site. If a person makes eye contact with them, they will get cursed with bad luck so it is best to avoid coming into contact with them when possible. Havaians say a leaf of a rare plant keeps these Pokémon away.

Malakel'e gather under the moonlight to practice their chanting. It is said their chants can cause headaches, nausea, and give bad dreams to those who hear it. More info »

Kahukel'e acts as the chief of their group. There are usually up to three chief Kahukel'e per marching group. Kahukel'e are skilled fighters. They are able to detach their arms and use them as a weapon. More info »

Kahukel'e learns a move called Chief's Chant which greatly boosts its Attack and Special Attack.

Zedakazm seen in its Unleashed Form. Its ability is Soul Devour which boosts its Special Attack and Special Defense upon knocking out any Pokémon.

Day 5

Zedakazm Unleashed
Zedakazm is a Legendary Pokémon in which myth states, "death follows wherever this beast passes". Centuries ago it wrecked havoc in both the Havai and Orohn regions until Arceus punished it for its wrongdoing and prisoned it in the After World. Entering deep into its realm lies Zedakazm in its Imprisoned Form. More info »

Known in Havai as the Ruler of the Underworld, it brings evil souls to this bottomless realm where they will be tormented for eternity. The only known way to reach the After World is by entering through a portal. Zedakazm possesses a Soul Orb which allows it to change into its Unleashed Form once its HP goes below half. The Soul Orb also boosts the power of its Ghost-type moves.

Zedakazm seen in its Imprisoned Form.

This concludes my 5 Days of Fakemon: Halloween edition! Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know if you want more of something like this. I'll have more Fakemon updates in the future!

— Marc Azria


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